Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Make "Buttermilk"

Why, oh, why do They still resist the idea of putting buttermilk in smaller containers? I mean, who the hell ever* uses up a half gallon of buttermilk before it goes bad? You can even buy LIQUOR in small containers, and don' nobody ever be drinking teeny bits of that. Shoo.

*my Granny, that's who. She...::gulp::...drank it. the glass. Shudder and gag.

I mean, given the already sour odor of the stuff, how can you even tell when buttermilk's gone bad?

When Buttermilk Goes Bad (by Adam Rewis)

So here's what to do when you only need a cup of buttermilk to bake, say,

The Buttermilk Imposter