Thursday, January 31, 2013

Digger's Diary, Entry #1

Checked with my landlady yesterday to see if she would mind me taking out a teensy spot of land in our backyard to grow some veggies. Her response? "I don't care if you cultivate the whole yard. Make it yours."

Best landlady EVER.

One thing to know about Coastal MS gardening is: spring planting season starts early. As in, right after Christmas. The rule of thumb down here is you're safe to plant (aka, free of frost) by Easter Sunday, and lots of people put in transplants even earlier.

I'm going to sprout most of my own seedlings (gulp), so as soon as my seeds come in I'll get that going (with pictures, of course!). I order my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. They sell heirloom seeds, which means the seeds have been saved from the vegetables, then replanted, then those vegetables' seeds were saved, and so on. I like that.

Seed Shopping List:
Cucumber, Early Fortune
Squash, Summer Crookneck
Tomato, Eva Purple Ball
Pepper, Marconi Red 
Melon, Schoon's Hard Shell
Corn, Bloody Butcher    
Tomato, Black Cherry
Watermelon, Mtn. SweetYellow

I've also been saving kitchen scraps for composting. If you're new to composting, like me, one of the best books I have on the subject (thanks to my broseph) is Let it Rot! by Stu Campbell. Compost bin to come.

So, I have: permission, the beginning of a plan, seeds in the mail, and scraps for compost.

"Bloody Butcher" Corn. The Killer Corn of Fleet Street!!

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Jeff Harrison said...

Can I get some okra and some green tomatoes? PLEASE???

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