Sunday, February 17, 2013

Digger's Diary, Entry #2--The Compost Bin and Seeds A-Startin'

Ladies and gents! I now have (drumroll, please) a compost bin! I know, I know. Even with its gorgeously crafted chicken wire sides, you can barely contain your excitement. Me neither, it's ok. 

 My compost bin is 4x4', made of chicken wire zip-tied on 3 sides to metal stakes. The fourth side is open so I can easily turn the compost, and as the pile grows I'll be putting wooden slats across it to form an ever-growing fourth wall. Currently there's an unattached piece of chicken wire across the front, just to keep the neighborhood critters from getting at the food scraps. That's it, nothing fancy:

As for my seed starting set up, I used this tutorial to create cheap biodegradable "pots," and this tutorial to make a self-warming bed. Here's my result:

I actually already have some lettuce seedlings coming up!! It is freaking magical to me that what looks like a speck of dust has the ability to become food. Just amazing.

Till next time! 

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